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International Journal of Philippine Science and Technology

by *1 and 2

1The Marine Science Institute, College of Science, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines 1101
2Science, Technology, Research, and Innovation for Development, United States Agency for International Development, Makati City, Philippines 1227


Welcome to the inaugural issue of the International Journal of Philippine Science and Technology (Phil Sci Tech).

Phil Sci Tech is a new journal, building on the excellent previous work of Philippine Science Letters (PSL). PSL was the brainchild of Gisela P. Concepcion, Professor of The Marine Science Institute (MSI), University of the Philippines. Gisela and Eduardo A. Padlan, Adjunct Professor at MSI, have been serving as PSL’s co-editors till the present. PSL has featured science done in the Philippines and done by Filipinos elsewhere, and also featured the work of prominent Filipino scientists.

Supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for Development (STRIDE) program, Phil Sci Tech aims to pursue PSL’s objectives and further, function as a capacity building instrument of international standing.

Phil Sci Tech will cover a broad spectrum of science and technology (S&T) research that is relevant to the Philippines. It is intended to attract international contributions but will also include work by up-and-coming Philippine researchers.

We will also encourage engagement by industry and end users. We need to see more Philippine science and technology supporting inclusive economic growth for the nation.


It is always problematical to launch a new journal with a full complement of high quality publications. For this first issue of Phil Sci Tech we have produced a transitory version which includes new publications, outstanding publications from previous issues of PSL, and a ‘capstone’ paper which considers the Philippine innovation ‘ecosystem’. The value in the capstone paper is the highlighting of non-scientific obstacle to progress as well as the development of the causal chain leading to bottlenecks in our work. Perhaps as the Philippine S&T community we will be able to work together to bring about the change we need.


Over the next few issues Phil Sci Tech will develop on the base set by PSL. We will redefine the conditions for publications and expand opportunities for different sectors of the S&T community. We are open to suggestions for how we can produce a stimulating, interesting and high quality journal that aids in promoting growth and expansion in Philippine S&T research.


Phil Sci Tech is an independent journal, but the transition from PSL is supported by the USAID STRIDE program. STRIDE is a five-year PHP 1.3 billion initiative by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that will spur inclusive economic growth by boosting science and technology research.

USAID will work closely with Philippine academic institutions and industries to transform their capacity to produce research, graduates, and innovation partnerships to accelerate development in the country.

It is the flagship science, technology and innovation program of the U.S.-Philippines Partnership for Growth which promotes inclusive economic growth. STRIDE is managed by USAID/Philippines Office of Education.

STRIDE will support the development of Phil Sci Tech over the next three years. However, throughout that time the focus will be on developing a sustainable model for Phil Sci Tech to continue to grow and to influence for many years to come.


STRIDE Grants The next call for Grants will commence on February 27, 2015. To know more about the Grants program of STRIDE, you may visit our website at