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For Reviewers

Reviewing guidelines

Reviewers are free to provide comments in any form and can also make use of the sample referee sheet and guidelines provided below. Reviewers must keep the submission confidential. International Journal of Philippine Science and Technology (Phil Sci Tech) advocates transparency in the review process and encourages the reviewers to allow themselves to be identified when the paper is published. However, reviewers who wish to remain anonymous will not be identified. Moreover, if one of the reviewers wishes to remain anonymous, none will be identified. A complete list of reviewers' responsibilities and guidelines can be found in the Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement.

or to start the review.

Referee sheet

Title of Manuscript
Relevance YES NO N/A
Are new ideas (e.g. theories, techniques, applications) or new insights on prevailing ideas presented?
Are non-trivial results that are relevant from a Philippine perspective reported?
Is the topic of interest to the general scientific community in the Philippines?
Is the manuscript likely to generate significant interest in this area of research?
Completeness YES NO N/A
Is appropriate and sufficient background provided to put the manuscript in the proper context?
Are appropriate and sufficient references cited to support the ideas presented?
Validity and Soundness YES NO N/A
Is the background information provided accurate?
Are the ideas presented consistent with the currently established?
Do the conclusions put forward follow logically from the result and discussion presented?
Novelty YES NO N/A
Does this paper contain results that have previously not been published?
Timeliness YES NO N/A
Is the paper especially important, interesting, and timely enough to warrant publication in Phil Sci Tech?
Clarity YES NO N/A
Does the title appropriately reflect the content?
Are the objectives clearly stated?
Are the tables and figures clearly labeled, well-captioned, appropriate and sufficient to illustrate the arguments of the manuscript?
Are the conclusions clearly stated?
Is the manuscript written in correct English and free of typographical and grammatical errors?
Format YES NO N/A
Have the authors followed the prescribed format?
Are all figures, equations, and tables properly labeled?
Acceptance YES NO N/A
The work is acceptable for presentation.
The work is acceptable for publication in its present form.
Minor revisions are needed.
The work needs further review after major revisions.
The work is unacceptable.
*A good review is expected to contain clear comments that articulate both positive and negative features of the manuscript. It is intended to provide clearly posed and constructive questions, which the authors can respond to, to further strengthen the manuscript.
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